The living room creates a shared space with equipped kitchen. Ideal for...

♡ Designerska Przestrzeń przy Barbakanie ✰

Apartament w Warszawa, Podwale 23 Apartament

  • 1-5 Osoby
  • 2 Sypialnie
  • 1 Łazienka
  • 42m²

2 minuty do Kolumny Zygmunta i Zamku Królewskiego. Na przeciw budynku zlokalizowany jest staromiejski Barbakan.

The living room creates a shared space with equipped kitchen. Ideal for...
The living room creates a shared space with equipped kitchen. Ideal for...
In the second bedroom you will find a comfortable single bed, for example for...
Spacious bedroom with a double bed, ideal for relaxing after a hard day.
Interesting bathroom attracts attention.
Old Town - "must have" for every visitor of Warsaw.
You can be sure that nothing will disturb you during a romantic dinner in...
We provide you refreshing water as a welcome.
Sofa bed in the daytime functions as a seating area, and at night is a place...
You can find all the necessary information about the apartment in our Welcome...
The simple design transforme here into a game of minimalism and functionality.
Do you enjoy meals together with your family? It's the perfect place!
We have also prepared for you tea, coffee, a set of necessary spices, oil and...
You can take a moment of relaxation while reading books in the bedroom.
You can hide your personal belongings in a spacious wardrobe.
Maybe breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning?
Hall in the apartment in an unusual style.
Carefully selected pillows give the interior coziness and well-being of guests.
The apartment is equipped with the necessary cosmetics, a hair dryer and...
Unusual neighborhood, near which there are many attractions.
One of the most beautiful places in Warsaw.
The charming cafes in the Old Town are a great place for morning coffee.
Statue of a "Small Insurgent" in the Warsaw Old Town.
You will find here many attractions - restaurants, pubs, clubs.
Magical streets ideal for long walks.


  • Pomieści: 1-5
  • Sypialnie: 2
  • Łazienki: 1
  • Rodzaj wynajmu: Apartament
  • Przyjazd: 16:00
  • Wyjazd: 11:00


  • Zmywarka
  • Podstawy
  • Lodówka
  • W pełni wyposażona kuchnia
  • Suszarka do włosów
  • Wieszaki
  • Ogrzewanie
  • Ciepła woda
  • Internet
  • Żelazko
  • Czajnik
  • Przyjazny dzieciom
  • Przestrzeń do pracy przy komputerze
  • Lniane ręczniki
  • Piekarnik
  • Parking płatny w pobliżu
  • Samodzielny check-in
  • TV
  • Pralka


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